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Quote originally posted by Kaori kyu:
hi .-. im new(? xD asjdgnrjlken<asmxc
Quote originally posted by SylphyStarr:
Um hullo there .-. I already posted an into thread before I saw this... so I hope it's ok that I did both. Anywayyy this place looks like so much fun already ^-^ I can't wait!
Hi there you two, welcome!

Sylph, some people who post here never even made introduction threads so they are not compulsory but a great way to meet other members better since someone may share your interests. PC may be big but there's loads of people who can help you like the mods, smods and admins. I'm also happy to talk to you, just send me a VM and maybe you might even make a new friend!

As for you Kaori, why not make an introduction thread so we can get to know you better? I understand if you're shy but remember there are members who have been around longer than you who are always happy to help. Maybe even tell us a bit about yourself like favorite Pokemon, fave Pokemon games etc.

Anyways, have a great time here both of you!