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Symon "Sy" Riley - Riolu

Sy walked down the hall after finally finishing his meal. He had always been a slow eater, mainly because his mother always told him to chew his food thoroughly. He never got around to asking how many chews was considered "thoroughly chewed" so he just took his time with his it. He had only joined Woodland Wanderers recently, so he was still getting used to where everything is. Sy reached the next room containing an assortment of pokemon doing this and that. Something then caught the Riolu's eye. He looked out the window, something seemed off. He couldn't put his finger on it at first but then it hit him.

"Wait...wasn't it hailing when I looked out the window earlier?"

Sy was confused. He knew weather can change quickly, but surely not that quickly. Sy went outside to investigate. He spotted a few pokemon in the distance. A Ponyta, Two Bronzong and A Tangela who seem to be trying to rouse a Snover.

"Hey, I know that Tangela and Snover. They're Draping Vine and Ryan. They're fellow members here."

Then to his horror Sy saw that one of the Bronzong was preparing a Mirror Shot and Draping Vine was distracted.

"Hey! watch out!"

Sy dashed to the group as fast as he could. Sy was a fast runner but there was no possible way he was gonna make it there in time so he stopped running and concentrated. Sy then charged and fired a Focus Blast at the Bronzong.
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