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Lee sat down and listened to Allan. He turns around to Vina and signals her close to him, then sends Magmortar to the front of the cave to look out.

"Sensible, yes. But I have a feeling everyone here is too power hungry to get the jist of this so called tournament. It's going to take more effort than we suspect. We also need to keep a look out for any secret doors. If this guy is on this island, he's either in the mountain somewhere or even below us. We won't catch him by surprise yet. But if we get the location of a door, maybe that would help convince others to help us. If not, we can at least get somewhere with some sort of communication to the outside. They have to get their supplies somehow right? We send out a message to prepare for what is going on. From there, they'll either send backup or if we fail, they'll be prepared."

Letting out a sigh after explaining what he had planned, he turned his head to Vina who them put her head on his lap, he started stroking her head.

"And to think girl, I'm supposed to he retired haha!" He let out a subtle laugh.
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