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Quote originally posted by Lady Gunner:
What is the scariest part of Homestuck (in your opinion)

Equius: Seek the highbl00d.

There's nothing scarier than Nepeta travelling in a vent with super eerie music, Equius' confrontation with Gamzee and unfortunately the death of Equius and Nepeta ::::<
This was definitely the scariest part for me. >_< I was glad I was going through it on the main floor of the house and not down in my bedroom which is in the basement, far away from everyone else in the house, haha.

I actually get a bit nervous now whenever I hear that honk noise. :'(

But that's not the point where I felt the most anticipation which for me is a different feeling than fear/suspense. I think that was either... when John found Grimdark Rose and they were about to discover that their parents were dead or when Terezi had to take action re: Vriska. For both of these I really just wanted to see the outcome, no matter what it was.
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