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Time to begin!

-Received the Easy Key, Challenge Key, and the Treehollow Key
NB: I will be playing in Challenge Mode, just to make things more difficult.
-Received Tepig (M, Lv.5)
NB: I will be releasing Tepig as soon as I get the first of the three Pokémon I will be using.
-Obtained the Pokédex

-Was challenged by Rival Sosuke
-Rival Sosuke sent out Oshawott (M, Lv.6)
-Tepig used Tail Whip twice, then used Tackle twice to KO Oshawott
-Tepig learned Ember
-Rival Sosuke was defeated

-Received 30 Poké Balls
-Received the Running Shoes
-Received the Town Map
-Obtained the Bicycle
NB: Okay, so I just looked over the Wild List for Blaze Black 2, and I'm going to have to wait a while to get Torchic and Gible. Looks like I'm stuck with Ralts until Castelia City.
-Arrived in Floccesy Town
-Tepig learned Odor Sleuth
-Caught Minazuki/Ralts (F, Lv.5)
-Minazuki learned Confusion
-Shoved Tepig into the PC, never to see the light of day again
-Saved progress for now


Minazuki/Ralts (F, Lv.7)
Confusion, Growl
Ability: Trace
Stats: HP 21, ATK 9, DEF 8, SP. ATK 18, SP. DEF 9, SPD 13
Lax nature
Somewhat of a clown.
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