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Quote originally posted by Lady Gunner:
Second Repeat of Homestuck Upd8:

Pretty much still in Act 1 where we get to see Jade's present and John's server copy, the one that John wont get for another 4 acts and an intermission, for the first time. And while I was watching the part where John was outside and I saw

John's hand near the HOMESTUCK Title near the sun. Well maybe it was just me coz there was this white thing I dunno if it was John's hand or not.
Yeah, it's a hand. Hussie went back and added John's hand to every panel shown in the update, including flashes.

Quote originally posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers:
And Cavalreaper, that looks like fun Ah, one of these days maybe I'll give up my non-nerd facade and go to a convention of some kind... Nah, not likely. But. It does seem like people have fun. Wouldn't dress up though ;p
Yeah, it really was! It's a group of Homestuck fans that all meet up in a park and hang out. There are a few people who go in costumes, but I usually don't (mainly because making a costume costs a lot of money). However, last time I went as a humanstuck!Nepeta. A good friend of mine made me some horns, so I might be able to get some serious cosplaying done soon. I can see why you wouldn't want to go, though. It's not for everyone.

So, everyone, what's your favorite troll?
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