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I don't find the characters interesting in anything I've consumed (pretty much just anime and the games--I did like the characters in the manga but each time I try to read it, I never get very far). They're pretty bland and you have to try so hard to force any real personality or development on them. That's fine for some people but I don't like to embellish characters THAT much to make me like them. (To be fair, the games have gotten better at character creation but it's still a far cry from making characters I'm really interested in meeting.)

So I stick to liking the Pokemon. They just create those and let them loose so it's very sandboxy. I can make my own character, give him/her their own Pokemon, and let my imagine loose with absolutely no restraints. It's a lot more fun for me so I don't pay the human characters in any of the Pokemon series any mind and I just concentrate on the Pokemon.