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very much incomplete...


Ace Trainer: A Trainer with a particularly intense bond with one of his Pokemon.

Upon becoming an Ace Trainer, the player is to pick a single Pokemon they already own. This is considered the player's partner Pokemon. This cannot be changed, even upon the Pokemon's death, except via in-game events.

Type Specialist: A Trainer that has leanings towards a particular type.

Upon becoming a Type Specialist, the player is to pick a single Pokemon type to specialize in. This is considered the player's specialized type. This cannot change, even if the player has no Pokemon of this type, except via in-game events.
  • Type Dominate - Increases the amount of damage taken by an enemy who is weak to your specialized type's attacks.
  • Type Brace - Decrease the amount of damage your Pokemon takes from attacks of a type your specialized type is weak to.
  • Elemental Attunement - All of your Pokemon of your specialized type have increased do more damage with moves of your specialized type
  • Elemental Burst - Release a burst of elemental energy that cures status effects of, slightly heals, and increases the stats of all Pokemon belonging to your specialized type.
  • Dual Typing - Select a second specialized type.

Tag Battler: A Trainer who specializes in group combat. Makes a good leader for any group of adventurers.
  • Single Out - Select a target enemy to consider "singled out". As long as that enemy remains visible, all allies gain a bonus to Accuracy, Attack and Sp. Attack when attacking that enemy.
  • Executive Order - Take command of all allies' Pokemon for a single turn's duration.

Move Tutor:



Psychic: Somebody endowed with mental powers that can affect the world around them without the need for physical interaction. Psychics are a diverse group, with powers that range from indispensable utility to potent offense.
  • Telepathic Communication - Any chosen target you come in contact with can be spoken to via telepathy. The number of targets that can be sustained and the amount of time the link will last depends on the level of the Psychic. Communication requires conscious effort but need not be spoken.
  • Telekinesis - Lift and move an object via telekinesis. Mass of the object, duration of effect, and possible distance between the user and the object depends on the level of the Psychic.
  • Synergy Boost - Pokemon with psychic abilities can enhance the Psychic's powers and vice versa.
  • Moves: - Psychics are capable of learning the following attacks: Confusion, Psywave, Psybeam, Psychic, Mind Reader
  • Specialization: Mentalist - A Mentalist can learn the following moves:
    Amnesia, Calm Mind, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Miracle Eye, Taunt, Torment, Encore
  • Specialization: Shaper - A Shaper can learn the following moves:
    Barrier, Light Screen, Reflect, Magic Coat, Psyshock, Gravity, Magic Room, Trick Room, Wonder Room, Psycho Cut

Black Belt:

Aura User:



Ruin Maniac:
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