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I'd say I'm a decent leader, but far from the best. I used to help out with retreats when I was in high school and the three opportunities I had the chance to be one of the leaders, I did an okay job at it. People loved the speeches I gave, but I never really took complete control of the groups I had and just let other leaders do the work. One retreat in particular though, I had to actually step in and be a leader. One of the kids threw up one night and so I had to man up and made sure he was alright and didn't get any more sick. I don't mind being a leader and love to take the opportunity to be one, but I much rather be a followers than anything. My main problem is being able to give commands and being outgoing enough to take charge and involved in discussions. But if I ever get to be a leader again, that's something I'd work my hardest on. (Taking charge and giving commands.) I love being able to help others and showing support though.

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