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Black 2 (4/18/13) - (4/19/13)

First, I did some training and evolved some pokemon- Tynamo, Scraggy, Foongus, Seal.

It was time to take a break from the constant training and I noticed I had a lot of mulch so I decided to find the gardener guy to sell it to him. This was an incentive to sell all of my extra stuff so I traveled around and sold different things. I went to the maid lady in the trailer on Route 5 and gave her some mushrooms and berries.

I noticed that I had a lot of relics so I went to Undella Town. I sold what I had to the billionaire dude. Since I was already there, I decided to go to the ruins and see if I missed anything. I went through them for a while and kept being kicked out by the wave, but I did manage to find a few more things.

Then, I realized that I needed some more evolution stones so I went to the Battle Subway. I played a few rounds and got to the Subway Boss, which I have never done before because I always leave after the first round. But I beat the boss and got a bunch of Battle Points that I used to get Leaf Stones.

I still didn't feel like training so I went to the Elite Four which I haven't done since I beat the game. I got through it easily because my party is all at Lvl 79. After this break, I will go back to working on my dex, which I want to have complete before the new games come out (because then there will be even more pokemon! @@;)

Unova Dex

Seen: 295
Obtained: 218
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