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Originally Posted by Fire Flyy View Post
Mantinefan18 ran some analytics....theyre not lookin good

Also infractions is kind of escalating it lol
This is just the truth of the matter at the moment. While I'm certainly a victim of non-battling chat for 90% of what I talk about, I think my frequency of battle chat now has increased quite a bit. I have noticed though the chat often diverges into something else pretty shortly after. I do want to thank those of you who actually helped me earlier with my UU team though (specifically Vrai). Dunno if he'll even read this here, but he battled me twice in a row to help me test changes to my team which helped a lot.

Anyway, I'll be starting a UU 8 man tournament that will start tomorrow so if you're honestly interested in joining, please do and actually battle. :x

Also, I agree. Infractions are a bit harsh. If everyone is on the server already, perhaps a timed mute to that person would be fair enough.