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Originally Posted by oxysoft View Post
everything in my project (or almost) has been written by myself and from scratch. i've inspired myself from some design patterns they have chosen in pokemon dawn that i liked and were suited perfect for some situations but the code is mine in the most part.
I am REALLY surprised and disappointed right now. And I am curious about how much you have written yourself. According to the following quote...
Originally Posted by oxysoft
only the Map Editor has been worked on so far only worked on the map editor which was already done in Pokemon Dawn which you can see on these old screenshots:

Here is one i made using Pokemon Dawns most recent source code:

So you say you have written most of it yourself and made it look similar? I say PROVE it!
You can do it by showing us your source code you know! There is nothing you need to hide if your source code is unique and not the copy of Pokemon Dawn. By how it looks right now you just made a few changes to the original code which you can't claim as your own.

If someone wants to download the Pokemon Dawn source code go here.
Open "mapeditor.exe" from root\PokemonDawn\Dawn.MapEditor\bin\Debug to test their map editor features.