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I personally think your suggestions so far are good, but given ingame experiences and stuff I've read myself I think I might have found the perfect moveset for Lilligant.

Based on what I know, the usual best recommended moveset for ingame Lilligant is the following: Sleep Powder, Giga Drain, Petal Dance and Quiver Dance. Lilligant's Grass attacks alone may run into problems but they will hit pretty hard after a Quiver Dance boost or two and its Speed isn't too shabby so it can pull it off well.

Petal Dance is great in conjunction with Own Tempo since it won't confuse you, and Giga Drain deals damage while giving you free healing. Sleep Powder is handy for debilitating foes into sleeping where it can give you a good opportunity to set up Quiver Dances and then hit hard.

Hidden Power Fire is handy for covering a few of Grass' weaknesses, but it's more preferred on competitive sets. Remember that Quiver Dance is a must-have since that's part of Lilligant's usual strategy, competitive or not.