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Hello and welcome again Sir Mister, have you seen my response to you in the Trade Corner DCC? If not, head on over :3 I know how you feel, when I played Pokemon Crystal as a child, I felt overwhelmed by the need to collect all 251 Pokemon. I didn't have the time and didn't even have enough friends to trade with so I gave up on that and just played the game. However unlike you, as I got older, I found more people to trade with (namely people online) and eventually completed my National Pokedex. I actually dislike battling, since I am completely horrible at battling, building teams, and figuring strategies haha. And don't worry about errors and what not The most you'll get for small things is a light tap on your wrist. Besides, everyone's got to start somewhere right? Just make sure you read the rules everywhere you go to help prevent problems from happening accidentally.

I hope to see you around too, though I most likely will since I hide in Trade Corner most of the time haha. Feel free to post in the appropriate board/thread or ask a staff member if you have any questions or need help. Welcome again and I hope you enjoy yourself here at PokeCommunity.
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