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Originally Posted by Sunfished View Post
Can I have a go at the horned lizard?
Unless this is a reserved pick one, and Jetstream is fine with it...

Otherwise, I'm up to anything that's thrown at me.
Oh yeah, here's some fakemon that I did for FantasyKisala, but since she's not using them, I think they should have a second attempt at life. ;_;

The green one is a caterpillar thing.
the blue one becomes the hydra. Thought it would fit your theme a bit!
bird is a crow, messenger of death.
and the a cat.

I can post the second set if you want,(because photobucket is being a jerk right now)
Sure! Lets use them! :D
And Oshamaru: You could try colouring them. Maybe if they are humming birds you could use very briight colours?

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