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Hello guys and welcome to my hack thread. I was a hacker since March last year and I'm hoping to finally finish a hack. This will be my first and final hack so I'll definitely take my time with this and make sure its as good as it can be. The old version of this hack which can be found here . It didn't turn out as good as I hoped so I restarted about 20 times. This is the outcome of the latest version. Also, I hope to finish this with lots of talented hackers. See you later and I hope you enjoy the presentation for my hack!

PS. Read the entire thread before asking for questions because doing that shows you aren't a noob. :3


Hooray! It's your 14th Birthday. This is the year you will finally get a Pokemon and travel around the Ion Region. You and your childhood friend Chloe are meeting Professor Pachy today to get your very first Pokemon. Once you reach her lab, her assistants say that she is doing some research on Route 701. You and Chloe decided to check it out. Once you reach Route 701, you can't believe what is in front of you. It's the 3 Starter Pokemon Tepig, Snivy, and Oshawott.

Note: That was only the introduction as I didn't want to reveal anything major.

Well, I haven't decided on all the features but I will add more as I think of more.

- Full use of the Day and Night System
- All Pokemon from the past 5 Generations
- Play as a Male only
- Full use of the Seasons System
- New Battle Backgrounds
- New Tiles
- A few tournaments
- A new berry system


The Team
ForeverDash: Tiler, Graphics, Leader
Reb0rn - Tile Animator
Tackle - Music Hacker

Zein - Tiles
Alucus - Tiles
Red-Ex - Tiles
TB Pro - Tiles
Seiyouh - Tiles
Kyledove - Tiles
Tarev/Cope - Tiles
Thatssowitty - Tilesheet
Prince Legendario - Tiles
Jpan - Firered Hacked Engine
Reb0rn - Tile Animations
Deigoisawesome - Force Male Gender Patch
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