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Quote originally posted by Maruno:
I told you guys not to blow this up. This is your last warning.
It is Ok to discuss if the thread creator wants to right? It is his thread after all.

Quote originally posted by oxysoft:
The__End, you clearly did not read my post did you? I noted what I have taken, anyone can make a windows form that looks exactly the same, does it mean it's the same program? no
I did and you said you did the code yourself. But if the features ARE the same and the appearance is the same, asking for evidence that you made it is reasonable. Just saying that you made it from scratch proves nothing you know. The whole map editing features you claim you did yourself is already made by Pokemon Dawn. It is exactly the same. And it is not just the appearance! The features like entities and the amount of tiles you can have in your tileset are all copied. If you still claim "you have written everything in your project yourself" show us your code to prove it. Or are you afraid of anything?
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