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Zaki Halithersis

Zaki sat perched in a tree not too far away from the battle, he was at a distance and height where he himself wouldn't be seen but he could easily watch the battle before him and glean new information. Beside him Bello, his Roserade, was also watching the battle - although his main focus wasn't to observe the conflict but to keep an eye out for any approaching trainers. The reality of the situation was that Zaki was well prepared for any approach having had Bello place Toxic Spikes around his perch but he had a much better line of defence prepared too. The tree neighbouring his own was coated in a yellow mass, or rather several hard-shelled yellow bodies. Kakuna. If anybody aggressive approached them they'd upset the immobile bug-types and incite the wrath of the Beedril that were sure to be guarding their pre-evolved form.

It appeared to Zaki as though the woman from earlier knew her new opponent... but they were clearly not friends.
I wish I could make out what they were saying, all I know is that they appear to be from different street gangs and that they clearly don't like each other. Zaki continued to watch the battle but was aware of the slowly sinking sun and the need to move on, to find a new hide-out to spend the night in, before it got to dark to move around safely.
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