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In the particular section where I am active, the Roleplay Corner, we already do this I think. The mod is responsible for modding (of course) and keeping the rules fresh and letting us know when new threads are accepted.

But we also have Roleplay Awards every third month that is usually mainly managed by another member (Skymin helps though) and I myself am responsible for a Roleplay Library to keep track of active RPs. And now and then during holidays or special times, members can be allowed to hold special competitions, and we are at all times allowed to submit guides to Skymin, to help people understand how to RP and write and things like that.

Then again, a roleplay section gives a lot of responsibility to every member by default, especially those who manage and contribute to the roleplays as Game Masters.

I just want to explain why I feel like members can already be as responsible and active as they want to be. Again, my view is in much due to me hanging around a very interactive section. But even in other sections, I've always felt like if you do have a great idea for something like Razor Leaf suggests, you can pitch the idea to the mod and there is every chance that it becomes reality. Things that may up activity in sections are mostly always welcome, right?

So imo, this is not a thing that deepens some sort of cleft between staff and nonstaff. Mods mod, admins administer, and all staff - just like any member - can help the section by events and activities. It's just that, as a mod, you are also somewhat expected to be active in extra stuff apart from modding.
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