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This sounds like a wonderful idea in my opinion. It would certainly make participating in the community more actively a lot easier, especially if we can easily tap into the staff for promotion of our approved events and just make for a better experience in the dry spells between events like GTs or CommDays or whatever other events are held by staff on any regular basis. This would also serve to help members to stand out from the crowd, and maybe contribute more even if they don't feel they'll ever be modded. I certainly feel that way.

Quote originally posted by Toujours:
I don't think it would be related whatsoever to modding. If we're going to do that, we might as well mod them, right?

That being said, a different rank would make sense to me. This could be a rank you applied to, like a permanent EO, but without a badge because we already have so many especially when GT rolls around. It could give you access to an Events/Competitions forum, where you can plan out events in whatever section, see if other people want to help you with it, and get the final okay from the mods of that section/hstaff.

This would also be a great idea, and optionally a usergroup such as this would be useful to distinguish those members who are actively planning events and even grant temporary and limited thread moderation abilities, if necessary for operation of the event, to users. This wouldn't necessarily need to have a differentiating color or font style for usernames, but it could especially in cases where power is given over a small subsection in order to run an event in the case of there not being an active on-staff moderator who would normally preside over the event.

Quote originally posted by dbp:
I wouldn't mind seeing more involvement. I've been sort of put off by the very same post-and-go vibe PC seems to have, as EternallyAnna put it. Anything meaty gets shot down or ignored outside of the one serious discussions forum, and it's not very stimulating. Maybe that's just the nature of the audience? In that case, perhaps we should start doing activities that would actually excite the audience enough to do more than post in/start another list topic(s)?

I certainly would welcome a little bit more involvement than just the post and go atmosphere at times, especially because it would entice more people to stay around longer. It sucks to see good friends quit PC because they've become absolutely bored with the place, and I've always thought it would be nice if I could come up with some way to contribute to the community in a way to combat that problem.


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