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Just yesterday, I continued my White 2 journey. Only got as far as Driftveil City from Castelia City (I hadn't even challenged the Castelia gym at that time)... My team is complete for this game, so I won't do any changes (its my own personal challenge game, all 6 Pokemon have to be related to weasel, otters, ferrets, or Martens in some way). Maria and Zorro are much higher since I traded them over from Black 2, and couldn't use them until I won enough badges. Maria will most likely be my "Leader Pokemon" and Zaphod will once again be second to the "Leader"


31 - Dewott - F - nickname: Miju - item: Exp. Share
Nature: Bold
Ability: Torrent
• Water Pulse [I'll replace with Surf once I get it]
• Razor Shell
• Water Gun [replace it with Aqua Tail once she learns it]
• Revenge

29 - Watchog - M - nickname: Zaphod - item: Lucky Egg
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Run Away
• Psych Up
• Detect
• Bite
• Cut [HM]

29 - Mienfoo - M - nickname: Mozart - item: Amulet Coin
Nature: Docile
Ability: Inner Focus
• Force Palm
• Drain Punch
• Calm Mind
• Detect

26 - Buizel - F - nickname: Flowers - item:
Nature: Calm
Ability: Swift Swim
• Scald
• Water Gun
• Blizzard
• Aqua Jet

37 - Zangoose - M - nickname: Zorro - item:
Nature: Naive
Ability: Imunity
• Revenge
• False Swipe
• Detect
• X-Scissor

39 - Mienfoo - F - nickname: Maria - Shiny - item: Soothe Bell
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Inner Focus
• Calm Mind
• Force Palm
• Drain Punch
• Jump Kick
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