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Quote originally posted by c1234321:
I love this. I love all of this. I don't have much to say about this though.
That's OK. I'm just glad you're enjoying it.

Quote originally posted by c1234321:
Halley, though she still irritates me beyond belief, is hilarious. I love her quote about teenage anxiety. That was beautiful.
Good! That's the sort of angle I'm aiming for with her - obnoxious, but funny. Good to know my shots are landing somewhere near the mark.

Quote originally posted by c1234321:
I love N. I love how he speaks, how he acts, just how he is. He is still my favorite character, and I love how he interacts with the others.
Glad you like him, though I'm really not sure why. Reading back what I write, I never see anything particularly special in N; he's a bit weird, but that's all.

Quote originally posted by c1234321:
Everything is moving so fast. It's beyond belief. I feel like just a minute ago they were having an innocent gym battle when Teiresias attacked them. This is incredibly fast-paced right now. At least to me.
I see. Interesting - other people have expressed the opinion that very little's happening. In a way, I suppose both they and you are right at the same time: sometimes it seems that not much is happening, but every time you look back you see the past is actually quite distant.

Quote originally posted by c1234321:
I only have one question though. Either I forgot or wasn't paying attention, or it hasn't been revealed yet, but who is Weland? Apart from that just spectacular. If not for the interspersing of Pokemon here and there, I would forget this was a fanfiction. Beautiful work.
Weland his His Undying Majesty, King of the demons. Ezra explained all about him in his first appearance, and he's been referenced quite a lot by him, Teiresias and Harmonia since.

And as for the rest... Well, I don't see that there is much of a difference between fanfiction and a regular novel, really. It's not like anyone should put less effort into fanfiction just because it's based on a set of ideas that originally come from somewhere else. Fanfiction at its core is a celebration, after all - a celebration of everything the author loved about their source material - and a celebration deserves all the effort that author puts into it.


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