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Well... I'll start with water, because my absolute favorite Pokemon is my fave of this type!

Water: Vaporeon, because I love the water more than almost anything else. That and the fact that it resembles my second favorite real animal. (A cat of course.)

Fire: Darmanitan. I really was surprised that I like this one more than Ninetails. I love Foxes and I despise any Simian creatures. (Disgusting things, those lowlifes.) But it just seems to embody fire more than any other Pokemon I've seen.

I'm leaving out all the other types because I can't really think of anything to say about my other favorites. I mainly like them because of their Pokedex entries, or their looks, or the fact that they're so overpowered. Not much that is worth putting down on a forum. (Only because it would turn into a list instead of a description. When you guys can say why you like one because of it's design, it's usually an awesome post/Youtube comment/tweet.)