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Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
Edit: I'd also say that Chit Chat and Polls could house such a subforum. It's more or less not directed at new members, nor is it for Pokémon discussions, and CC&P is more or less the lighthearted, off-topic (ish, I think?) discussion center.
First off, I'm going to agree with, I feel like a whole new section just for this is a bit silly and extra, and CCP would serve such an idea well. I'd be cool with a subforum more.

Anyway, as for the idea itself, it's not a bad idea. I don't exactly recall the Members Fanclub all that well, but it was closed down for a reason, and I feel the two (this idea and MFC) are fairly related. I don't know what was wrong with MFC, but if we already know our mistakes, then we can fix them.

There's one thing I want to say, though, and that's that I feel there should be some sort of restriction on who can make the threads. Not a very crazy one, not like getting 5,000 for blogs. But I feel like without one, the threads can get spammed by newbies and such. I was thinking "having been a PC member for __ amount of time" would serve well.*

*I'm assuming that this would work sort of like the blogs Nick mentioned worked, with people creating a thread for themselves and having people ask questions and talk or whatever. If, instead, other people make the threads (like in Member Fanclubs), then forget that.
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