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Yeah when I read this I immediately thought "oh not member fanclubs..." but then I thought about it and "oh, not member fanclubs!" I like this idea. But it seems like it's one of those things where a thread would be too crowded, a blog too short-lived, and a subforum not populated enough. If this idea does go ahead, I would prefer to see it as a subforum of probably CCP because that gives enough space for organization- I was pretty put off by the similar thread in OT because it was a bit chaotic and hard to follow. Of course there should be limitations on who can start threads there. Member for x amount of time OR post count over x would probably be fine. I'm not sure about the exact numbers- 1 year/2k, maybe? Or is that too long? Do you think threads should require mod approval to prevent a mess? idk. This would be a fun thing though.

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