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Hey Suspect! I suspect that you are a new user, and looks like I am right. :3 ...anyway, welcome to PC!!

Dude, it makes me so happy to see people who like Ambipom. Even though I often forget if it's spelled Ambipom or Ampibom, it's still so cute and one of my favorite normal types. Really like Aipom too though, it's adorable! Was so sad when Dawn released hers. ;_; Brownie points to you for liking such a cool Pokemon, we're already pretty similar off the bat.

Aaand the third gen, it's awesome as well! Seems like it's considered to be the outcast of the generations but it's ridiculously fun nonetheless. Which of the starters are your favorite? You definitely should post around the Advance Generation Games board sometime; there just aren't enough gen III fans so it would be wonderful to have more around these parts. Emerald is usually my go-to game for whenever I try new challenges - it just never gets old, hehe.

Anything regarding trading would belong in the Trade Corner, plus you can discuss pretty much everything you listed in its chit chat thread. :D Since you have a wide array of interests that means there'll be lots more for you to do here! Enjoy your stay, pleasure meeting you, and see you around~!

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