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So for the first week, you get stickied for that week. If you get banned or something, naturally you'll be unstickied.

Then, if you get enough recognition from the people around you (say, at least 20 posts?), then you get unstickied, because you'll do well enough without the special attention. And if you're just pouring with questions, you'll get unstickied as soon as that happens.

However, if people ignore you, you get an extra week or two to "integrate" yourself, and you stay up in the stickies for that time.

And then regardless, you are unstickied, and then it's just like any other thread in any other forum.

Or maybe, if you don't like having 15 stickied threads, then try using a prefix like [Newcomers!] so that they'll stand out.

Originally Posted by Patchisou Yutohru View Post
Makes a lot of sense, though, as an argument. If we have people wait too long after they've done what they'd need to do, they'll lose interest.

ie: Pottermore
Or maybe at midnight (or whatever time the mod is okay with) every day, every not-against-the-rules thread will be automatically approved and added with that sticky or prefix I was talking about, so that those people have the spotlight.

Thus we have the whole "CRAZY MESS" thing taken care of, and it wouldn't be that long of a wait for the members to be like "you know what? Screw this." Bam. Compromise.

Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
Heck, assign a moderator there and all is taken care of. As long as people report, that is.
I don't see this as much of a problem either way.
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