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Name: Anlem Taegor
Age: 150
Gender: Male
Race: Dwarf
Country of Origin: Falke
Appearance: Anlem has long, red hair, beard, and mustache. His hair doesn't go down his back, but only to his shoulders. His beard, however, drops down passed his chest (though not ridiculously far) and he has very little intention of cutting it. His mustache is also long, but doesn't reach down as far as his beard. Anlem's facial hair is decorated (though not heavily) with silver bands, though they're moreso to keep it neat. Anlem usually keeps his hair in a ponytail, but he is known to have it loose.

Anlem, like most (if not all) dwarves, is a muscular fellow and has a large build. He lifts heavy things with very little problems and doesn't mind wearing a little extra weight in clothing. His hands are large and so are his feet. There aren't many ways I can currently think of to describe his size. But, moving on... Since he's traveling, Anlem wears very little of what could be considered armor. He does, however, wear thick clothing like leathers and sheep skins that, while not as formidable as armor, is not so easy to pierce through. He doesn't wear a helmet, since he doesn't have room to even consider that (or the money). Anlem does have armor arm bands that he took with him from his home and armor knee pads (caps? shields? armor?) that are covered over by his thick, but heavy boots. Anlem carries around a satchel with him where he carries his journal and two other books that will fit. He also carries his hammer on his back.

Personality: Anlem is actually rather calm. Though not passive, Anlem is not one to get particularly excited over an incident. Unless it's a matter of life or death, Anlem is not particularly bothered and is more likely to be calm, carefree, and possibly joking. Not surprisingly, Anlem likes calm moments and serene places. He is more inclined to think than his family members, and while he has a potential to be scholarly, is not necessarily so. He is smart, but he isn't a genius. Anlem is mostly self-educated and a lack of money gives him an understandable lack of resources. He likes to read, though the places he's been have not been so generous when it came to the question of a library, and he also likes to write, which he has his own blank book for. Anlem writes often and every day. Usually journal entries, observations of people, descriptions of places, discoveries, or maybe even a bit of information that he thinks is funny or interesting. Sometimes he'll jot down the occasional bout of literary inspiration, but all-in-all, what he writes is not fictional. Sometimes, rather than deal with the boring and monotonous, Anlem will take to daydreaming.

Anlem, more than once a day, makes himself seem oblivious or vulnerable. It's not at all on purpose, but Anlem often seems as though he's vulnerable or in his own world. This is much the contrary. Anlem may have his mind away at times, but this is by no means constant. His silence is merely his way of observation. Anlem is an observant fellow and takes note of everything he sees and hears and remembers them very well. Sometimes he writes it down, most of the time he doesn't, but Anlem's eye is quick to catch the little things. His fighting ability is neither determined by his sometimes lack of attention. When he needs to fight, he fights, and well. One has to remember that Anlem is a dwarf, a member of a race with a militaristic and weapon-obsessed culture. He learned how to use a weapon at a young age and hasn't forgotten a thing. Presently he fights with a large war hammer, and while he isn't fond of warring, he takes good pleasure in it.

History: Anlem was born in Falke in a little place called Kambi. Actually, it wasn't a little place, it was a big city. A big city populated mostly by the dwarven race. Though they weren't dwarves themselves, the ruling house of this city was House Gullin. Kimba was an overall peaceful place, though there have been instances where the city has bullied its surrounding towns, more out of the whim of the people than the Gullins. Kambi was a place where making weapons was like tradition and, in its small culture, Kambi has families that specialize in certain fields. Anlem was born to one of the families that made weapons.

When Anlem was old enough to lift a hammer, he was learning how to make a weapon. From weapons made from metal to weapons made from wood, Anlem was to learn every part of it--though it wasn't that often that he made anything out of wood. After he made a weapon he'd learn how to use it and was strictly taught on dwarven fighting techniques. As a child, Anlem enjoyed it because as a child, Anlem liked to hit things. When he was young, he was almost famous for his use of weapons, not because of his skill, but because of his enthusiasm for swinging his hammer. He would make fake wars with anything like boxes or trees or cats (though the cats usually won) and would be excited for any other challenger to come his way. As Anlem grew older, his fighting skills became competent, though he never became the champion of Kambi, he was still formidable like his peers. It was a natural and expected transition for Anlem to go from child, to fighter, and to weapon maker. However, as Anlem kept growing, so did his ideas.

It was a surprise to his parents when he told them that he'd rather read and write than make weapons. He didn't exactly get a happy reception, but by then Anlem's fighting activity had gone down and his more personal time had went to literary things. His family members were already thinking he was odd, or that maybe something was wrong with him, but that moment confirmed the suspicion. After that Anlem didn't exactly get a good reputation around the city, though he still fought well and still made weapons. When his younger sibling was skilled enough to make weapons themselves, he left the city to find and inspiration and escape the more than judgmental or disappointed eyes of his peers.

Weapon Preference: WAR HAMMER (Great Hammer)
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Side: Mercenaries

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