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After trying to find that information on the official US Pokemon website, I can only find the old outdated information on the Premier Rankings system. The way it works is that you get a certain number of points for finishing in a certain place at a given event, and the number of points you receive varies by the size of the tournament. You need approximately 400 points to get an invite to Worlds, iirc. So, this late into the season, it's pretty much impossible to earn a World's invite, but it's a good time to get familiar with competitive play, though. The 2013-2014 season will begin in September 2013.

Prizes that are given for top finishes are typically playmats, packs, other official merchandise, and travel packages to a bigger tournament (this last one really only applies to states and nationals, though).

There are plenty of places to find out what combos work well in the current modified format. One of the most popular current ones is Blastoise/Keldeo, but you don't necessarily need combos to win. JWitzz used to have more videos on combos, but I'd personally try TheTopCut instead now. Also, SixPrizes is a fantastic metagame research resource.

I've compiled a set list for the current format here:

And, really, the only way to get any good at competitive Pokemon is to start attending an officially sanctioned league near you and go to tournaments. Just start attending!

Be careful, though. It can get pretty expensive as a hobby pretty quickly.
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