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I know that hardcoding is frowned upon and harder to change. However, it's simpler to do, will be pretty straightforward to edit anyway in this case, and this is only a small little project of mine which was never intended to be massively customisable, so I don't need to worry about it.

I never learnt the names of things like reflection (which Ruby has); all I know is how to use them. I use reflection to check whether a particular attack or trainer effect exists, and if so, to call it. However, I might as well just make one huge method to do all the desirability calculations for a particular kind of action (play trainer, play energy, retreat, use Power are all different things), like Essentials does for using moves - it'd be practically the same thing as using reflection anyway, and good enough for this project.

I've done very little since whenever my last update was; I've drifted back to working on Essentials a bit since then. I don't keep a change log for this, so I couldn't list what I've done. I've looked through the rulings posted above and clarified exactly how the various card effects should work, and I've done a little background work for them (e.g. making an array which remembers what an attack's result was, for the purpose of Mirror Move and Leech Life, etc.). I've fiddled with prize cards. I've generally been tweaking things to work smoother or better, and been planning out what else needs doing. A lot of what I've been doing is incomplete, and there's not much to show off.

This project was only ever a "because I felt like it" thing. Because I like sharing, it'll (probably) be available for anyone to use, but that's not specifically a guideline for the project, nor is making it easy to customise. I'm just doing what I want to do, and if it happens to be user-friendly, that's just a bonus.