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I've thought of a similar idea with you guys, though a bit different in details. In my idea, there is a nation in a Pokemon-only world, and there is the evil King who commands armies willing to do as he bids. Here's the thing, though. This is the first Kingdom the world has ever known; mind you, there was no strife to speak of before. This evil that has started with the rule of the King is a completely new thing to the world. So, its residents begun to wonder how it came to be, what is causing it, and such. A group of heroes sets out, looking to find answers and a way to stop the madness.

The Age of Heroes, I would call it.

"I'm surrounded by capable Pokemon who don't need me in battle. If they get themselves bloodied, and I am clean by the end of the battle, how long before they start questioning my bravery?"
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