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Jack Robinson
Rootdry Town
Jack darted off right over to Proffesor Pine's Lab and stumbled in to see an empty room.
Just after that Proffesor Pine stuck her head out to see what was happening and realised Jack was there. "Hello there, who are you? I'm Proffesor Pine." she said with a really happy face. "Umm I am one of the trainers you need to help defeat Team Plasma and I am Jack"
"Well do you know the dangers of Team Plasma? Son of Chili I presume?"

"Two yesses I am the son of Chili and also I know what terrible things Team plasma have been doing. They have taken over Unova, killed White and have gained control of Kyurem which is a problem."

"Wow you do know a lot, anyway here are the pokemon you can get"
Proffesor Pine walked over to a draw and opened it, they had 17 poke balls in it.
"Take your pick please it is your choice of course."

Jack walked over to the shiny red poke balls and picked one up.
"I choose this one Proffesor Pine." Jack said with a serious and happy face.
"Ahh I see you chose the strong fire monkey pokemon chimchar why is that?"

"The person I admire is Flint has an Infernape which is really cool and fiery and If I am correct Chimchar evolves into Infernape right?"

"Wow you do know a lot about pokemon so anyway here have him." She said it with that smile again.

As Jack picked up the Chimchar, as it slowly found a comfortable part on Jacks lap, it gave Jack a hug. Jack knew he was the perfect choice.

He walked outside with the Chimchar he named BlazeBlast clinging on to his body like a baby sloth. He then went over to a small bench and petted the small little monkey.

Ten minutes later he turned around to see a Houndoom try to attack a person. He just sent out a Cydaquill so he led forth his Chimchar to attack.
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