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I use to collect pokemon cards when I was younger and have decided to start back up again.
I have full sets of base, jungle, fossil and team rocket (all twice over lol)

ive recently started collecting the black and white plasma storm but im struggling.
I don't understand how you can have two cards the same and with the same number with one being holo and one being not. its giving me a right headache when it comes to putting the in a folder.
klink 088/135 has a normal non holo card and a holo card and dull picture.
infernape 017/135 has a normal non holo card and a holo picture but dull card.?
is there any way to tell which cards have duplicates so I can leave space for them in my folder?

why did they have to change it for things were so much simpler when all the shinys were at the front lol.

also I know you cant sell cards on here but can you trade?if so where

thanks in advance for any replies
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