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You've been out of collecting for quite a while, haven't you? Reverse holos were introduced in the Legendary Collection back in 2002. Basically, they're alternate holofoil prints of cards.

Put in the simplest terms possible, every card except for Ultra rare (In the Black & White sets, these are EX Pokemon, Ace Specs, and full-art cards) and secret rare cards (these are cards that have a collector's number higher than the "official" collector's number for the set - for example, 115/114) have a reverse holofoil print. One of the reasons for this is that the cards have holofoil in places that would make it impossible to give it a "reverse" holofoil print (which is basically just giving it holofoil everywhere but the picture for most sets - some sets released between 2003 and 2006 took the approach of a holofoil picture with the set logo on the picture for "reverse" foils), and another is probably because they actually take the reverse holofoil's slot in a booster when they do appear in a booster.

As for your dislike of the new set orders, it's a pretty recent switch (it happened with the release of the first Black & White set in English) to change it to be more identical to Japanese sets. The way it goes is by type, then by Pokedex number. So any set that has Bulbasaur in it will have Bulbasaur as the first card by collector's number, and any EX cards are mixed in with the other Pokemon of their type by Pokedex number. The types are ordered as follows in a set: Grass, Fire, Water, Electric, Psychic, Fighting, Dark, Steel, Dragon, Colorless. And after that, it goes: non-Ace Spec Trainers, Energy, Ace Spec Trainers, full-art non-EX Pokemon, full-art EX's, full-art Trainers, and then secret rares bring up the rear of a set. Personally, I find this method easier to sort by because I only have to look at the color of a card when I'm prepping to put a newer set away instead of having to look at the collector's number and rarity symbol on every single card at every single level of sorting.

Trading cards is also not allowed here.
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