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Originally Posted by Vapie View Post
Yeah! I just feel the regular forest and cave theme is getting tired (not to say I don't love it). I feel like more types of terrain could be explored further. And yes, more quicksand! More "dangerous" types of terrain, not to kill or damage but somehow mess us up. (like in Rayqayza's tower, the holes in the floor) I got so mad at that puzzle, but I loved it too. I want a good mix, maybe one really really challenging one that will frustrate people and the others could be challenging in a time consuming way or etc.
I agree with what Vapie said here so much. Forests and caves are getting tired. I'm not saying to remove them entirely ─ they are needed terrains ─ but there are just so many other various types of locations and puzzles they can use that I'd actually like to see GameFreak use them.

Ugh, the Rayquaza puzzle was so frustrating, but I can't say I didn't have fun getting through it. I'd like more puzzles that challenge the player to be used more as well.

Originally Posted by Forever View Post
The rest of us feel this way :) Although if the new Mewthree forme does suck, at least there's at least 60 Pokemon or so that we can choose from that are likely awesome!
If Awakened Mewtwo does suck, then one could easily choose not to use it. That's the best part about alternate forms; they're optional.