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Hiya hiya, Norway! Any nicknames you'd like to be called or shall I just stick with Norway?

Awww, I'm sorry you don't have many people irl to talk Pokemon with. :< Most of my good friends are Pokemon fans but we don't get to talk about it too often since it rarely comes up. But luckily PC has thousands of Pokemon lovers like yourself so finding people to talk to won't be a problem! You met Treetwig so there's a friend already, which is great. I'm here anytime you wanna talk, too, so don't hesitate to message me anytime. :D

Oh hey Dragon Quest! I played one of the really old games and it was actually really hard. Never did beat it but chances are I'll have to start over since it's been so long and I think I lost my save file. Didn't see many fans here but I've heard it was really popular in Japan. You have good taste in games! The Video Games section might be a nice off-topic board for you to venture in whenever you want a break from chatting about Pokemon, so check that out if you like. Just remember to read the rules of the board, which are posted at the top of the section!

Anyway, have a great time on PC okay! Enjoy your stay and remember not to be shy! We're a friendly bunch~
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