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Quote originally posted by Totodilemaster:
Hello, i have a problem ! When i fight it tells me "Script is hanging" ! Can anyone help me ?
I've been told that redownloading the game has fixed this. I believe it has something to do with the animated sprites

Quote originally posted by Kevmeister:
Hi desbrina, first of all great job!!!

Second if you want i can help you to make an spanish mode of the game (i could translate all the text to that language )

Third i saw earlier that you are not planning to release de game to other plataforms but, do you know if it is possible to convert this game to a gba(for example or .nds or apk or Ipa) format i ask you this because people could play more if the game where portable (i know that gba format would not support online features but was an idea)

Keep going you are doing great so far
If you'd like to translate that'd be fine. I'll get the txt file set up in a bit

As for having it on other platforms, it'd have to be redone from scratch for it to work.

Quote originally posted by Kelandis:
Hey, I love this remake of the good old Yellow version, it was one of the first video games I ever played. But, I do have one question: Is there any way to increase the size of the game window? I've looked around in the files and stuff, as well as the F1 properties, but i haven't found anything yet. Does anybody know?
In 0.19 there will be. I had to remove that option while i fixed a few things up

Quote originally posted by Kelandis:
Not sure if this was intended, or if it was a typo, most likely the latter, but the lass trainer between Mt. Moon and Cerulean City had a lvl 31 paras. Was it supposed to be lvl 13?
According to Bulbapedia, that trainer is supposed to have level 31 pokemon.

Heres the txt file for translating.
You need to translate every second line. So it looks like
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