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Originally Posted by Craftymango View Post
Hey guys im new here and hoping to make a good impression on the community, I run a channel called Craftymango!

Pokemon from birth till deaht!
Hi Crafty! Nice to meet ya!

I'm also a huge Pokemon fan too, and I have a feeling I will be for a loooong time. xD You'll meet others who feel the same thing!

Originally Posted by Anszkz.DkLt View Post
Hey guys...

I'm Anszkz.DkLt which is my codename in a group me and my friends created...

Anszkz stands for "Aneszkiez" which is a nonsensical name that me and my friends have come up for our group...

DkLt stands for DarkLIGHT which is my individual codename in the group so I guess you could call me that or David... Idk, it's totally your choice...

I'm a fresh HS graduate and I'm hoping to get in my country's flagship state university (University of the Philippines) this coming school year...

Oh and btw, yes, I do use the ellipsis (...) a lot... Seriously...
Hahahaha, I do that sometimes, but not that often. Only when I add in brief...pauses in my sentences. xD

Welcome to PC! Congrats on graduating high school! It's indeed a huge step in your life and let me take the time to wish you the best of luck in attending university!
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