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Originally Posted by Kura View Post
Ok it seems like my suggestion got lost in the pile a while back so I'll bring it up again with a bit more explanation:

What about an event subsection that anyone can post to, yet the section is moderator-approved only, kind of like how Other Clubs works?

Like it needs a certain type of criteria to run, and needs to be passed by a mod to run too. However it can still be open to anyone who wants to host something PC related as long as they're willing to withhold PC rules even if it's on another program (skype) or website (oekaki chatroom)?
A few issues that I have with this (though I could be wrong! Just my observations, is all!):

When concerning just making a subforum for posting events, you're taking a gamble. The premise for making subforums is that it's as active as possible, and if I'm correct from the many other threads that have suggested a million things be made into subforums, then I can at least make a safe assumption that the higher staff would not take chances into making a forum that would have a good probability of not getting a decent amount of activity. u___u

Though...if that doesn't fully make sense, allow me to clarify!

See, the reason why I don't mind the ranks, was simply because of one thing: it attracts people, and that's the very nature of it. Again, reflecting back to my supporter example, you see people donating for themselves, donating for each other left and right, and now there's hardly a time where not half the community is covered in green. Of course, all that's required is to donate some cash, but I can imagine similar possibilities for something like Event Organizers. Arguably, you could also say that the members who would be event organizers would probably post in that forum without the necessity of the rank existing.

So ultimately, it comes as a matter of whether or not it's necessary. I mean, it probably isn't on a grand scale, but would it encourage greater incentive and greater interest within creating events and contributing in greater amounts to forums? If so, then great! If not, look at alternative options, because the bottom line here is creating enough interest that people would actually want to create and go through with their events.

like sandcastles against the tide.

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