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Luka Sokolov - Chapter 2-1: Tricked

Luka leapt from one rooftop another in a futile attempt to escape his pursuers. He knew that unless Nox had completed his part of the mission already, there would be no help on the way for him. He also knew that wasn't very likely either, as Nox had some powerful enemies after him. As he fled, Luka reloaded his crossbow, which was a difficult thing to do while running. He couldn't use it, though, because that would involve turning around, a risk he wasn't willing to take. If he did, there was a chance he would appear, and Luka would have no way of fighting that harbinger if he spent his arrow on one of the ones chasing him, so his only choice was to keep running. Damn...How the hell did this even happen? Luka kept his eyes forward, hoping that his stamina was good enough for him to keep running long enough for his partner to pull through. That was all he could do for now. He began to reflect on how the situation got like this, how their plan went so wrong.


Luka and Nox had arrived in Bayamo and found their target, and they even had a plan to get him. It all seemed so simple. A scan of the city from the tallest building in the area with Luka's hawk-like eyes and crossbow scope revealed his location, and he matched the description given to them by the Grim Reapers perfectly. The only problem was getting to him. It seemed he was smarter than Luka had assumed but, then again, this was a man who managed to discover the existence of their kind. Their target was a tan-skinned man with short black hair in his early thirties. Unfortunately, after spotting him, he ran into a college campus, where there were hundreds of people with a similar appearance. Luka was no longer able to snipe him, so they formulated a plan. Nox was to use his disguising talents and sneak into the college where he would take the target to a secluded area and take him out, and Luka would keep track of the surroundings in case the target left and watch for approaching harbingers. Fighters would be easily recognizable from their weapons, but the magic users would be the ones he was unable to spot.

The biggest question, though, was how he knew they had spotted him. The most likely scenario was that he had a contact that he had assigned to keep watch, and that they spotted them on the roof of that building. Regardless, their mission was a race against time. Whether or not he had seen them, they still needed to get to him before the harbingers. They initiated the plan and split up for the time being. As Luka stood as sentry, he thought about the mission. At first, he didn't think much. The mission was simple enough. Sure the man was smart, but he was still just a man.

Luka spotted a man running in an alley with a greatsword and took him out after getting close enough for proper aiming. They would need to be in relatively secluded, or at least shady areas if they were going to be toting deadly medieval weapons in broad daylight, which made his job that much easier. He would constantly rotate between four different tall buildings (all of them with a view of the campus) to be able to watch over as much of the city as he could. He soon noticed another man with a pair of short swords. A quick arrow took him out as well. Things were going quite smoothly and he assumed that Nox would be able to take care of any mages that came after him. That's when everything took a turn for the worst.

"Could you please stop putting arrows through our people's skulls?" The voice came from right behind Luka. He turned around quickly and pointed his weapon at the new arrival. It was a brown haired young man, not much older in appearance than himself, who wore a white parka. Luka's eyes went wide. "Ring a bell?" The harbinger held his arms out, showing off his outfit. "Mind you, I wasn't actually at the warehouse, I've just been wearing this in hopes of meeting one of the reapers who was."

"Who are you, and how did you get here," Luka asked with a fierce tone.

"You know, I'm still shocked that a team of three took out her group." He continued as if he hadn't heard Luka. "They must have really been something." Luka had grown tired of him, and let the arrow fly. As soon as it made it's way to him, he was gone. "Well that wasn't very nice, was it?" Immediately, Luka turned around to see the man behind him once more. "Here I am trying to have a civilized conversation, yet you just can't keep you're fingers off that trigger. How rude." Luka drew his sword and slashed at him once, twice, three times. Each time, the harbinger disappeared and reappeared someplace slightly farther back. It seemed that he was very skilled in teleportation, and that Luka simply wasn't fast enough.

"What do you want, harbinger?" Luka was annoyed. He wasn't attacking him, so he had to be here for something.

"Come now, haven't you figured it out yet?"

Something felt wrong. If there was a harbinger like this here, wouldn't he have been able to just teleport to their target? Luka's face went pale with the realization. This was a trap. "Ah, now you get it! Don't get the wrong idea, though. This trap wasn't especially for you. It was only a coincidence that you were one of the ones at the warehouse incident. We knew that the Grim Reapers would try sending someone to stop a man risking harm to the balance. Oh, look!" Luka turned his head and saw four people, who he assumed to be harbingers, storm onto the roof. Damn it, he was buying time! "We can't let you kill our newest recruit, we've lost so many already. Well, goodbye then." The mysterious man was gone, and now Luka was left with four enemies and an unloaded crossbow. Things looked bad, and he could only imagine what kind of trouble Nox was in.
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