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Dulinhel Elenren - Necromaner's Lair, Shinguo

The knights positioned themselves around the necromancer, the lean figure hunched over on the ground. The other knights looked well enough, well enough as it was. Tamor and Auden seemed a little more worse for wear, looking quite exhausted, but they face the evil being in front of them all the same. She looked around, searching for anything useful, anything at all. Only discarded, rusted weapons, shattered old pieces of armor and shields, nothing really that useful. Her attention was turned back towards the necromancer as he grunted with anger and anguish, discarding the broken remains of his shattered staff. "All those years of hard work, gone", he spat with disgust. "Fine then. I will use your remains to start anew. Maybe I will use bones to make a new staff," he snickered. His voice was laced with lunacy. He was either completely insane, or very very close to it. Purple energy began to flow out of the deranged man, an aura of evil emanating from him. With a laugh, he focused the energy into the palms of his hands, forming it into spheres of glowing energy.

Dulinhel jumped back as the necromancer unleashed the orbs of energy at the group, rolling backward. Her arms scrambled as she searched for something as a few orbs flew through the air her way. Her right arm was lucky and caught the edge of a wooden shield. She pulled the shield in front of her, crouching down low behind the shield, bracing for impact. The first orb hit, knocking her back, burning the edges of her shield instantly, the second all but disintegrating it. The third flowed around what little remained of the shield, burning her arms and face, whatever was not covered by armor. Although her body stung from pain, she stood, discarding the remains of the shield just as she saw some of her companions do the same. She ignored the pain, drawing her bow at full strength, nocking her arrow, pointing it at the necromancer's head. The necromancer was holding his hands close to his chest, chanting or praying. Then he pulled his hands apart, dark smog being conjured up between them, then spreading to his arms. He grinned as the smog covering his arms lit up with dark fire, then cast the dark fire to the group.

Gripping her arrow tightly, she focused, calling out the magic she knew was there somewhere. Finding her energy, she remembered the cooling waters, streams, lakes, rivers, oceans. She brought the memories and energies together, imbuing the magic into her arrow, and releasing it into the wall of fire approaching them. The arrow exploded into enchanted water, exploding outward once it reached the fire. It doused most of the flames, but not all. Some made it through, and she could only hope that her allies had some way of protecting themselves from the fire. Pulling another arrow out quickly, she fired the projectile at the necromancer. The man only laughed as he launched another fireball at the arrow, burning it to a crisp. She launched another two, with the same result. Frustrated, she scrambled backward, searching for something that might reach the wretched man. Finding nothing useful, she hurled a rock at him, distracting him, then rushed forward pulling out her blades. She lunged towards him, ducking underneath a fireball, then plunging her blades into his ribcage. He cried out in pain, then, using some sort of dark energy, launched her backward through the air. She landed on the ground hard, bouncing and rolling a few times, coming to a rest on the ground. The necromancer grimaced as he pulled the blades out of his chest, discarding one, then flipping the other one around and throwing it at the elf woman. To weak and disoriented to avoid the spinning blade, it landed solidly in her abdomen with a thud. She was out of this fight one was or another. It was up to her allies now.

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