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Update time

-Started the game
-Hacked in Jynx as my starter, and nicknamed it Man Lady
-Owned Ron, my rival
-Went and delivered Oak's Parcel
-Caught Magmanos the Magmar and Bolt the Electabuzz, both hacked in at Lv. 5
-Did the optional battle with Ron and destroyed him
-Went through Viridian Forest
-Destroyed Brock with the power of Man Lady's Powder Snow
-Destroyed tons of Team Rocket grunts in Mt. Moon
-Went and taught Mega Punch to Magmanos and Mega Kick to Bolt
-Eliminated Ron in Cerulean City
-Owned Misty with some Thunderpunch action from Bolt
-Brought the smackdown on Nugget Bridge and made my way through to Bill's house to get the S.S. Ticket.
-Owned the Team Rocket grunt in Cerulean
-Made my way to Vermillion
-Trained up a bit on Route 11 and caught a Spearow as a Fly slave. Still gotta catch a few more things so I can get Flash.
-Swept the S.S. Anne
-Owned Lt. Surge while dealing with some problems with paralysis.
-Started and saved at Rock Tunnel, without Flash.


Man Lady (Jynx) Lv. 27 @ Nothing
Nature: Impish
Ability: Oblivious
Moves: Water Pulse, Doubleslap, Lovely Kiss, Ice Punch

Bolt (Electabuzz) Lv. 26 @ Nothing
Nature: Serious
Ability: Static
Moves: Quick Attack, Brick Break, Thunderpunch, Mega Kick

Magmanos (Magmar) Lv. 26 @ Nothing
Nature: Calm
Ability: Flame Body
Moves: Ember, Mega Punch, Smokescreen, Fire Punch