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Dear Anonymous,

So, we've gotten to this point now, have we? Well well well, what can I say? You've caused me a ****load of pain, that's for sure. I've already went to my boss about it, but I don't know if he's going to do what I really want him to do: to finally fire your ass for you douchebaggery. How dare you talk **** behind my back to most of my friends, who, must I remind you, are my friends, and a good majority of them don't even like you, dude.

Let me emphasize that, and possibly re-word:

A good majority of this restaurant doesn't even like you. Let that sink in for a minute. You're condescending, rude, and you flirt way too much with girls who don't even like you in the slightest. And yes, I would know, I hang around the girls more than the guys, anyway. They think you have a really gross personality, with gross working habits to match. Honestly, you're just a mess and you have no right to be telling me what to do. Just please re-examine yourself before you go stepping on someone else's toes lmfao because you literally have -no clue- how badly we laugh at you for attempting to make people look bad.

Also, please stop being a kissass. You're not a supervisor, and probably never will be with that attitude. Either way, I have 2 weeks left and if I don't get part-time (which honestly, I don't really mind all that much), then it'll be good riddance not seeing you again. Just really, get out of my face, and get out of my life, more importantly.