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Originally Posted by TheLaserLuke View Post
Black 2. my FC is in my sig. Can I have the Hidden Power Ice at lvl 68 with the modest nature?? I can trade right now.
Alright sounds good, sorry for the delayed response. I can trade right now as well. Shoot me a VM/PM if you're still free to trade and we'll get it under way
Originally Posted by Brickbusterx View Post
Pokemon White, FC: 4127-5220-4980
May I please have the Modest Flash Fire male one?
I can trade now, or anytime that is best for you.
Thank you again in advance for your generosity.
You're welcome I can trade right now as well, shoot me a VM/PM if you're still free
Originally Posted by C Dillinger View Post
Wow.... So many heatrans...
May I please have the calm flash fire female at lvl 68?
FC-2322 8402 7976
Availability: Whenever works best for you.
Thanks in advance!
Yes LOTS of Heatran lol just VM/PM whenever you're free.
I have time right now to trade FYI
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