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Chapter 3
When Sakura opened her eyes, she found herself in an unknown room, that she didn't recognize at all. It was a huge room, Sakura noticed the room was very fancy looking as well. There was a balcony, with fancy royal looking white curtains hanging down from the ceiling which was very high up. So high in fact that a dog demon could be in its true form in here and fit.

She looked up at the bed she was laying on. It was a vanity bed, with curtains along the big bed. There was a lot of blankets piled on the bed and a few covering her body as well as a fluffy pillow that she had been laying her head on. There was a huge wardrobe off to the side next to a private bathroom that was connected to her room,'Where am I?' Sakura wondered to herself,'This must be Sesshomaru's palace. Did he...did he carry me back here, while I was unconscious?' She figured he must have as there was no other way she could of gotten here.

Just then as she was thinking that, Sesshomaru came in to check on her,"Oh, I see you're finally awake. It's about time you woke up."

"About time I woke up? What do you mean? I wasn't out that long was I?" Sakura asked him.

"You were out for four weeks," Sesshomaru told her,"Your sister was beginning to worry."

"Four weeks! You're kidding right!" Sakura yelled out in shock. She threw the blankets off of herself noticing she was in a fresh new priestess kimono, instead of her old one that had been ripped and bloody from the attack. She guessed Sesshomaru must of had his servants bathe her and dress her. She then jumped out of bed weakly and almost fell over, but Sesshomaru caught her in his one arm.

"You were weak because you lost a lot of blood. My Tenseiga brought you back to life, but it can't put the blood back into your body that you've lost," he told her. He moved the woman over to be sitting back on the bed. He was actually real gentle as he moved her back over to the bed.

"Thank you, Lord Sesshomaru," says Sakura.

"Now, just lay back down. I'll have the servants bring you some breakfast," Sesshomaru told her.

"Ok, fine," Sakura sighed, as she actually did what he asked of her. She leaned back and laid back down onto her back, looking up at the ceiling.

Sesshomaru sighed and left the room. Minutes later, Rin came running in and up to her sister,"Sakura, you're awake. I was so worried." The child wrapped her arms around her sister in a hug.

"Sorry I worried you Rin," said Sakura.

"Lord Sesshomaru was worried as well. After he went after you we waited for him to come back. And he was carrying you, when he came back to get us and told us we were coming back to the castle to rest up. I expected him to place you down on Ah-Un, on the way here, but he carried you all the way to the castle and up to your room here. It was so sweet," Rin explained, with a giggle.

"Really? Lord Sesshomaru did that?" Sakura asked.

"Yes he did. I think Lord Sesshomaru is in love with you," answered Rin.

"No, I don't think so, Rin. I think he's just impressed that I stood up to him is all," Sakura told her sister. She sighed. Where did Rin get this stuff from? What would make her even suggest that Sesshomaru was in love with her? As she thought that a maid came in with a tray of food. Sakura thanked her, sitting up in bed and taking the tray onto her lap.

On the tray there were things like, sausage, bacon, eggs, hash browns, a few small pancakes and some apple juice, with a biscuit on the side. This was a lot of food. What the heck was Sesshomaru doing! Was he trying to fatten her up or something?

"Uh...sister that's a lot of food," said Rin.

Sakura gave her a look,"I...KNOW!" She told her nodding her head, at Rin stating the obvious.

"I guess Lord Sesshomaru figures after being out for so long you must be starving to death," Rin told her, smiling up at her. As she said that Sakura started chowing down on the food. It seemed Rin was right. Sakura was starving to death. Well, she hadn't been able to have anything but broths while she was unconscious after all.

"Can we play after you're better?" Rin asked her.

"Maybe later Rin," said Sakura in between bites of food. She then finished eating her breakfast and shooed her younger sister out of the room so she could take a bath. She left the tray for the maid to come pick back up. She wasn't used to being pampered like this. Where her and Rin had been poor their whole lifes until now that is, they had always took care of everything themselves.

Sakura wasn't used to having everything done for her. So it felt somewhat weird for her, having her food brought to her on a tray, in bed. Plus, she had just eaten things she'd never had in her whole life. Even when her parents were alive she'd never had food this nice before. The family had been broke and had to hunt for their own food all the time. So, this was quite a change for Sakura. A change she didn't know if she'd be able to get used to or not.

"Hmm, I wonder." All too curious Sakura walked over to the huge oak wood wardrobe and opened it. Inside were tons of matching red and white priestess kimonos,"I knew it! I so knew it!" She said,"I knew he'd have a lot of them placed in here for me." Up above the kimonos were two tiny drawls, one side filled with underwear and the other with bras. And below that was a huge drawl with sandals and socks filled in it.

"It seems he's very well prepared," she grinned, grabbing a change of clothes and going over to the bathroom.

A servant came in taking the tray,"Lord Sesshomaru wishes to speak with you after you freshen up," said the servant,"He's waiting for you in his room. It's just across from yours."

"Tell him I'll be there in a bit," said Sakura.

"As you wish." The servant bowed in respect and took the tray, leaving the room, closing the door behind him.

Sakura sighed as she went into the bathroom, locking the door behind her. She sat her clothes down and started running the warm water in the huge tub. Of course she had to pour water into a pipe to get the water to start running first though. Where she then turned a gear which made the water begin to pump out into the tub. She waited for the water to fill completely into the tub before turning the pipes off.

She then undressed, letting her sleeping yukata hit the floor and removing her underwear also letting it hit the floor as well. She then climbed into the warm water,"," Sakura moaned in pleasure. She had gotten the water a bit too warm, so it took a few minutes for her body to get used to the temperature of the water. A lot of thoughts raced though Sakura's mind as she relaxed in the water.

Like for starters, why did Sesshomaru bring her and Rin here? He was a demon after all. Don't demons normally just eat humans? Sakura didn't know of course that Sesshomaru didn't eat humans, like most other demons did. As she thought this she picked up the sponge and soaped it up with soap and started washing her body parts with it. She then ducked her head into the water getting her long hair soaked.

When Sakura came back up she took the same soap and washed her hair with it. She then dipped her head back into the water washing the soap out of her hair. Then she leaned back to relax, deciding to keep Sesshomaru waiting a bit longer. She was too relaxed in the tub to get out just yet. Back at home where her and Rin lived in the cave, they didn't have a bathtub and had to wash in the river all the time. So, she was pretty lucky to be in a castle with a huge tub in it.

Sakura then started thinking as she laid back in the tub deep in thought,'He's a demon, but he's actually kinda cute,' she thought with a blush,'Wait! What am I thinking?! He's a demon! A demon! I can't be attracted to a demon. It was demons that killed my parents.' She blushed some more without realizing it, as she continued to think over Sesshomaru's looks. After thinking and wondering for a few more hours about why Sesshomaru was letting her and Rin stay here, Sakura got out of the tub.

She drained the water out and dried herself off with a towel and got dressed into her priestess clothes. She then dried and brushed out her long hair. Brushing her hair took another two hours, as Sakura had always had real thick hair. So sometimes it was hard to brush. She then slipped on her sandals and went to see what Sesshomaru wanted. As she knocked on the door she heard him say,"Come in, Sakura." Like he knew it was her. He must of smelt her scent at the door.

Sakura walked in,"What did you want of me, Lord Sesshomaru?"

"There is a few things you need to know. Have a seat," said Sesshomaru. Sakura sat on his bed and he continued,"First, now that you're back with your sister you will watch her and be responsible for her. Is that clear?"

"Oh course! I was watching her long before she even met you, you know," Sakura told him.

"Secondly, I'm sure you've noticed a huge tower from your window. You're to stay away from it, no matter what noises you hear. Is that understood?" Sesshomaru questioned her.

"But...why?" Sakura asked him.

"Do not question me human! Just do as I say. Stay away from the tower room. If you are spotted even going in that direction, you and Rin will be threw out of my castle," Sesshomaru told her.

"Ok, fine, whatever. But I do have a name you know. All of this,'human' crap! Why can't you just call me by my name. How would you like it if I called you,'demon' huh?" Sakura questioned.

"You wouldn't dare," said Sesshomaru in a calm voice,"Know your place human."

"Whatever you say...demon," said Sakura. She turned to walk away, when Sesshomaru grabbed her, pinning her to the wall by her neck.

"You dare to speak to me that way. Would you like to die?" Sesshomaru questioned her. His claws that were pressed to her neck, punctured her skin somewhat drawing blood.

"Ah! Let me go!" Sakura cried out, kicking, trying to get loose.

Sesshomaru pushed Sakura out into the hallway, pressing her up against the wall, where he then let her slide down to the floor in a heap. He then turned and walked back into his room mumbling as he went,"Worthless human."

'Jerk!' Sakura thought, shaking her head, getting up in time to have the door slammed into her face. Then she heard the click of the lock on the door. She guessed he wanted to be alone now. She decided to just get up and find Rin then. First she went and took care of the bloody scratch on her neck,'Gee, what is Lord Sesshomaru's problem!?' She yelled in her head.

After she cleaned and washed her neck she put a bandage onto the wound and went to find Rin, hoping she wouldn't question how she'd gotten hurt. She found Rin outside in the gardens singing,"In the mountains. In the breeze. In the forest. In my dreams. Lord Sesshomaru where are you? Master Jaken is serving under you too! I will wait for you, on my own. Please return to me. Waiting all alone."

Sakura grinned, a cheesy grin at her sister's singing. Rin was sitting on a huge rock in the garden as she hummed the song. She then walked up to Rin after the song was over,"That's very pretty Rin. Where did you come up with a song like that?"

"You really think so? I just made it up on my own," said Rin, turning towards Sakura, her eyes full of happiness at her sister commenting on her singing.

"You mean you just thought that out of your head? It's very good. Why not sing it in front of Lord Sesshomaru," Sakura grinned.

"Oh, I couldn't. What if he doesn't like it," said Rin.

"Of course he will! You can catch him at dinner and sing it to him," Sakura told her.

"You really think so?" Rin questioned.

"Sure, I'm sure," her sister smiled at her with her eyes shut. The sisters then played, all day. They were playing one of Rin's favorite games which was hide and seek. Sakura was a bit too old for that game, but played it with Rin anyway, to make her happy. She was never able to find her sister and eventually it was time for dinner.

The sisters washed up and went to dinner. Sesshomaru was already there with Jaken, sitting at the head of the table, with Jaken on his left. He motioned for Sakura to sit on his right side, with Rin next to her. Sakura sighed and sat down, with Rin next to her. But just as the group were about to eat, Rin thought this was a good time to sing her song for Sesshomaru and climbed up onto the table standing in front of him, almost standing on top of the food as she sang,"In the mountains. In the breeze. In the forest. In my dreams. Lord Sessho..."

"Rin, get down from there," Sesshomaru interrupted her song.

Rin sighed,"Yes, my lord." She then climbed back down off of the table, sitting back into her chair.

"Lord Sesshomaru!" Sakura yelled jumping up from the table, yelling at him,"That was very mean! She thought up that song just for you!"

"Hn," Sesshomaru sighed, not paying any attention to her what so ever.

"Hey! You can at least answer me! I'm talking to you, you know. You weakling!" Sakura yelled.

Sesshomaru at once jerked his head up, towards Sakura at what he just heard. He then jumped up from the table and faster then anyone could blink he once again had Sakura pressed up against the wall, holding her up by the neck, his claws digging in. He then dropped her and took out his whip and whipped her with it,"Disgusting human! Out of my sight at once!"

Sakura yelled in pain as the whip made contact with her body,"But I haven't..."

"NOW!" Sesshomaru yelled. Sakura scrambled to her feet running from the room and up to her bedroom, away from Sesshomaru. Rin, sat there blinking her eyes not understanding what was going on. It looked to her like Sesshomaru was playing with Sakura.

A few hours later Sakura came down the stairs. Sesshomaru came up to her from one of the other rooms,"Where do you think you're going?" He asked her.

"I'm leaving! I'm getting as far away from you as possible. You did say to get out of your sight!" Sakura yelled at him.

Sesshomaru grabbed her,"You're not going anywhere."

"Let me go!" Sakura screamed, jerking her arm, trying to pull it out of Sesshomaru's grasp. But he was to strong for her and it ended up being a wasted effort. Sesshomaru, then let go of her slapping Sakura across the face, leaving behind three bloody scratches. The poor woman cried out in pain as she laid curled up on the floor in a heap.

"As I said, you're not going anywhere," said Sesshomaru. He picked Sakura up throwing her over his shoulder her bag dropping to the stone floor. He then carried Sakura up to her room her struggling the whole way up there, which was pointless. Sesshomaru opened the door and threw her down onto the floor.

"Hey!" Sakura yelled out at him, running to the door as Sesshomaru closed it, but found it locked,"Damn!" She cursed out loud. She then turned and went over to her huge bed and curled down onto the bed, sobbing in pain, from her wounds that Sesshomaru had inflicted onto her. She couldn't understand Sesshomaru at all. What had she done to deserve this kind of treatment from him? Sure she called him a weakling, but was that really just cause to beat her to a bloody pulp like this?

She laid on the bed sobbing for hours, until she heard a turn of the lock, and a maid entered her room,"The lord asked me to bring you some food," she told her.

"Where is Lord Sesshomaru now?" Sakura questioned.

"He left. Said he'd be gone for a few weeks," the maid told her, handing her the tray with food on it.

"Thank you," said Sakura, taking the tray, just now realizing how hungry she was.

The maid saw her face just then, spotting the blood and scratches,"What happened? You're bleeding!"

"Lord Sesshomaru hit me. But it's nothing," Sakura told her.

"What do you mean it's nothing? Why would the lord do something like this? He's never hit any of us before. He must just be in a stressful mood. Here, let me clean you up a bit," said the maid. She went and got the first aid kit out of the bathroom and came back into the room moments later. Sakura sighed as she let the maid clean up her wounds and bandage them. She thanked her again and went to eat her food from the tray after she had left.

As Sakura sat there eating her food she wondered why Sesshomaru would take off so suddenly like that and not even bother to tell her, or Rin or even Jaken where he was going. And normally he took them with him when he had to go somewhere away from the castle. What was so urgent that Sesshomaru felt he had to go away alone for?

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