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Nice start, looks like you and koopa can do shorter posts and battle the Houndoom together. I don't know if it's realistic that you beat it though, so watch out for that.


You could make your posts longer. To be honest thatfeltlikeyouweresayingitreallyreallyfastbecauseyoudidn'tknowwhattosayandyouhad
"quote" after "quote". That's fine though, for your first time. You just didn't really let us know what Jack falt inside. Besides that, it's good.


First off, I keep trying to spell your name OReagan. xD. Anywho, back to the business. That was really good. That's it. It was great. Good job!

EDIT: None of you read the new rules and put Death to Plasma? in it.

Charles Tevon

Stomach growling, Charles walked outside to find someone who would tell him where he could get food. Looking around, Charles saw two trainers, with new Pokemon like him battling a big black thing with grey stripes. He pulled out his newly acquired Pokedex and said, "What's that thing?" It made a whirring sound and said,

"Houndoom, the Dark Pokemon. The flames it breathes when angry contain toxins. If they cause a burn, it will hurt forever. A Dark and Fire type."

Two fire types of very low level versus one fire and dark type of a high level? They didn't stand a chance. Charles decided to go back into the lab to find Professor Pine. There was a young adult there, maybe eighteen, receiving a Pokemon from Professor Pine. Charles didn't know she was giving Pokemon out to adults. For that matter, he didn't know of an adult who didn't have a Pokemon. The guy looked shaken up, so Charles decided not to bother him. "Professor Pine?"
She looked up at him, "Hm?"
"Where can I eat around here?" She scrunched her eyebrows and stared at the floor for a minute, tapping her finger on her pants. "Ah! Elsa's is good."

Charles furrowed his eyebrows and said, "Thanks..." Half-heartedly, and left. Elsa was the only person with food! Maybe if he could battle her for food, she would be forced to give some to him. Charles walked up to the hotel, and thought for a moment. How would his father have battled? He would have used on Aurora Sphere and taken out Elsa's Pokemon in one hit, but Charles didn't have the luxury of that, so he would have to improvise.

Knocking on the door, Charles braced himself for Elsa's terrible onslaught. "What now?" The wicked old witch said as she stuck her head out. "Elsa, I challenge you to a battle!" Elsa looked at him, and laughed. She laughed. And laughed. And kept on laughing. She would have to take a breath some day. "If I win, I get food, for free. If you win, you get me to go away."
"Deal," She said with no hesitation.

Death to Plasma?
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