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Originally Posted by TheLaserLuke View Post
Hey. I was wondering if i could have a couple starters for Gen 5. Natures dont matter to me. Um I would need bulbasaur, tododile, chikorita, treeko and Turtwig.
Sure thing, message me whenever you see me online and we'll work things out

Originally Posted by Tea_with_Kyary View Post
hello! I need a lot of starters, begin with...a female chikorita? Canst thou providith me with one ? I dont mind about nature or anything else...
But one not sure how this works Im new to forums...and trading with people on So...could you please tell me what to do? (i did read your rules and stuff but still dont know how this actually works). sorry...hope im not a nuisance...i just am so new at this \XD Thankee very mucho :D
Haha, don't worry about it
I've had a lot of people that came on my thread and it was their first time trading. So I can tell you the exact procedures on how to trade, it won't be a problem at all
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