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Originally Posted by Kura View Post
I wouldn't want it to be something visible because I wouldn't want members pining for organizing events just to have certain status on the forum. That's just my fear about it.
You bring up a fair point here but...I imagine it like this, and bear with me, because hopefully a lot of what I'm saying would make sense here (cause lol my wording):

Yes, it doesn't need to be crazily active but...would it at least help, in a sense? Note that I'm not asking for a grandiose amount of activity here, that's silly of course. But in my ideal ~*world~* (so to speak), in this situation, these event organizers would kind of be like a team of people, planning events left and right and whatnot, and what could work as events, and what couldn't work, things of that nature.

Basically, think of the VIP forum and replace like 2/3rds - 3/4ths of the threads in there with event discussion, and that's what I imagine it to be like. I mean, that's just in my mind, after all, it'd be pretty fun. :x

Hopefully that helps?
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