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William Lyle Nelson :: Atlantean Relief Center, Albany, New York, USA
October 30th, 2012

"Yes Will, please don't be so hostile. It's not like I want to kidnap or kill you or anything. I think I would have been far more forward and direct if I wanted to do that," Imogen said as she flicked her hair once more and batted her eyelashes. "If I wanted to kidnap or kill you, I would have done so already."

Not all psychopaths are forward and direct, Will thought bitterly as Brad pushed him forward.

"We'd better scoot before someone suspects something. We have a few options. We can go back to my car or you boys can show me a nice place here where we can have a private chat," Imogen started walking casually back towards the city. "Which do you want? My car's pretty big, but it might really feel I'm kidnapping you." She giggled, adjusting her glasses again.

"We don't really know any places around here, and I'd rather not get in your car," Will stated.

"So, her car it is," Brad said as he directed Will to follow the woman. Leaning in towards Will as they walked, Brad whispered in his ear so that Imogen couldn't hear. "Stop being such a sourpuss, Lyley," he said, using a mock-up of Will's middle name that always annoyed the younger man. "We could actually learn a thing or to from this, at the very least. Who knows? It could be fun."

"Fine, whatever," Will grumbled. "That doesn't make it any less awkward or uncomfortable. Or normal. Or sane. Or—"

"Yeah, I get the point," Brad interrupted. "Now move it."



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