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While I personally have had no problems with the Dream World considering how casual of a player I am to start with (No hunting for the perfect mon with the perfect ability here!) I do agree that something a little more personal would be nice. The 3Ds has all the fittings of the Pokewalker device as it has both a step counter and Ir. I really liked Dream Rader over the Dream World, and I prefer the Pokewalker over either.

I would like to see a free or small charge app that would allow you to get the Pokewalker experience with maybe some of the dream world and radar add ons like berry farming, AR Pokemon Hunting and Poke-Doll Collecting. (I would however be slightly upset if Nintendo bogs it all down by making it a play coin feature, which would be...likely.) Maybe even release little AR Card packs! Idk, there can be alot of cool little possibilities.
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